Engraving Signs

Wolf Signs production facility specialises in the following plaques and engraving services:


Available in Natural Anodised, Permabrass or Printed finishes, always easy to read as the depth of engraving will ensure that lettering will not wear away in time. Natural Anodised is a popular choice offering a silver plaque that does not tarnish, easily maintained and lasts well in extreme conditions.


Permabrass is a term given for an anodising process applied to aluminium. Gold in colour has the appearance of being like brass but doesn’t tarnish; it does however have the silver aluminium substrate underneath the gold anodised surface. Printed anodised aluminium is recommended for colour images that you want to last well outdoors.


Engraved brass plaques give an everlasting record of an important occasion and remain as one of the best materials and most popular types of opening ceremony plaques. Although they will tarnish in time and black speckles will appear aging the plaque into a “Patina” finish, which gives each plaque its unique character reflecting its age. They can however be refurnished and brought back to “as new” if required by sanding and re-painting. Available in a linished or polished finish as well as bronze coated.


Most commonly used in cemeteries these plaques are manufactured by pouring molten bronze into a mould with the lettering and logo raised above the background. These types of plaques take a little longer to supply but are very durable and of a high quality.

Stainless Steel

A very hardwearing and durable material. Although stainless steel is very good for external use it is also a little more difficult to get the same engraving depth compared to brass and aluminium.


Wolf Signs can laser engrave most types of wood.